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Sober Tailgating Party Celebrates Addiction Recovery, Alcohol Rehab Centers in Louisiana

A sober tailgating group called Recovery First Tailgaters offers former addicts a safe, sober party environment at Louisiana State University football games. The group was founded by Dwayne Beason, a former alcohol addict who loved college game days, but chose to abstain from drinking. Beason’s sober tailgating parties are now widely celebrated by former addicts, …

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Covington Police Chief Supports Opioid Addiction Treatment, Louisiana Drug Rehab Centers

In an effort to attack the nation’s current opioid addiction crisis, Covington Police Chief Tim Lentz joined a national panel of law enforcement leaders aimed at improving the epidemic. This panel, called the Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative Council, is devoted to expanding access to substance abuse treatment for those who suffer from addiction …

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State Lawmakers Say Limiting Prescription Supply Could Improve Opioid Epidemic and Access to Drug Rehab Centers in Louisiana

A recent drug take-back event in Metairie collected hundreds of thousands of prescription drugs sitting unused in the medicine cabinets of local residents. The event, which was hosted by the DEA, is held several times per year to prevent teens, friends, and family members from abusing prescription painkillers and developing addictions. Louisiana lawmakers now say …

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Operation Angel and Drug Rehab Centers in Louisiana Combatting Local Drug Problem

Several Louisiana Northshore law enforcement agencies have created a program they hope will lower alcohol and drug addiction rates throughout the community. The program, called Operation Angel, allows drug users who suffer from addiction to show up at any police department or sheriff’s office and ask for help with overcoming addiction. These individuals are then …

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State Gets Funding for Louisiana Drug Rehab Centers That Treat Opioid Addiction

Louisiana was recently awarded millions from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to improve statewide access to treatment for opioid addiction. Last year, physicians in Louisiana wrote 4.8 million prescriptions for opioids, which was enough for all residents to have at least one prescription, including infants. Fortunately, the excess funding can help Louisiana …

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