Louisiana Rehab Centers Could Save Money For State Prisons

Louisiana currently has the highest incarceration rate in the country, according to a report by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor. Of every 100,000 residents, 816 are in jail or prison, with 58% of those individuals having no history of violent crimes. The report indicates that sending drug offenders to Louisiana rehab centers can help save the state millions in incarceration costs without jeopardizing public safety.

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Findings From the Legislative Auditor Report

Louisiana Rehab Centers

Providing nonviolent drug offenders with addiction treatment could reduce incarceration costs.

The report found that Louisiana could save hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of several years just by finding alternative treatments and solutions that can help nonviolent offenders. For instance, using drug courts as an alternative to prison could save the state up to $70 million over two years, especially when these programs are effective at guiding nonviolent criminals away from prison.

The report also said rehab centers can help drug offenders become sober and stop committing crimes to support their addiction. The use of mandatory minimum sentences could be reduced in many cases to help addicts get into treatment programs sooner. Lastly, the audit report found data that revealed the state could save up to $232 million if nonviolent drug offenders were sentenced to two years of probation instead of incarceration.

These recent findings could have Louisiana offering more resources to rehab centers that can help treat nonviolent drug offenders for addiction. Many other states are also starting to expand access to state-funded rehab centers that can help inmates achieve sobriety, since doing so can help save millions that would otherwise go toward healthcare and/or incarceration costs.

How Drug Offenders Can Benefit From Addiction Treatment

Rehab centers help all individuals from all walks of life overcome their addiction to alcohol, opioids, and other substances. In many cases, drug offenders become incarcerated due to committing one or more crimes associated with addiction. But rehab helps addicts become sober, and teaches patients how to live meaningful lives without the use drugs.

Shortly after enrolling into rehab, patients undergo detoxification to eliminate drugs from the body and become healthier. Some rehab centers offer patients medications that can help manage and minimize cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Patients may also receive nutrition education and be encouraged to participate in activities that direct their attention away from drug use.

After detox, patients participate in counseling and support groups to address underlying causes of addiction, and to identify triggers that can lead to relapse. Patients also learn techniques that help them cope in situations where drugs are accessible. Following rehab treatment, patients can re-enter communities as former addicts who have successfully achieved sobriety.

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